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Swordwrath Outskirts


Miner, Swordwrath

Enemy units

Miner, Archidon


Destroy the Archidon statue.


25th February 1105

Archidonis is the first level of Stick War.


To complete this level, you can follow the tutorial or cancel it. Click on the pickaxe icon to summon a miner. Click on the sword icon to summon a swordsman (he equips a club first). If you're ready to attack the enemy, click on the Right Sword button to attack. Your men will move automatically except the miners. Click on one of your swordsmen/clubmen to control him. Beware of the enemy attacks. If your enemies charge into your statue immediately, click on the Left Sword to make your men retreat including your miners. Your castle archers will appear instantly. They attack at the enemies automatically ever since they cannot been killed.To defend your statue, click on the Crossed Swords button to make your men defend your statue normally. If you want to control your men, click on one of them. Press the ASWD/Arrow Keys to move him. Press Q to defend and press the Space Bar to attack. Destroy your enemy's statue before they can annihilate yours. One of your men can be killed usually, but it's okay. You can summon another one. Once if the enemy castle is broken, the mission is complete.