Swordwrath Outskirts

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Miner, Swordwrath, Archidon

Enemy units

Native American tribesmen


Hold off the tribe until sunset.


14th December 1299

Swordwrath Outskirts is a bonus level where it is located near the rebelled Swordwrath kingdom.


After you defeated the Archidons, you will be in an armory and you have only 2 upgrade points, but that's okay. If you completed some levels, you will get 2 upgrade points. Upgrade either your Miner, your Swordwrath, your Archidon or your statue and defences. You will not arrive at the rebelled Swordwrath kingdom, but you will face the 1st bonus foe, the Native American tribesmen. You will get three miners, and summon some if you wish. Summon Archidons as many as you can but they cost more than the miner and the Swordwrath. Be cautious, 'cause your Archidons have weak armor. Summon your club men to prepare for battle.  Click the right sword to attack your enemy but beware, the Native American tribesmen had spears and shields. 3 club men can kill one spear infantry. Try to defeat the warriors until sunset. The enemy doesn't have a statue, bunch of miners and castle archers. If you defeated the warriors, the mission ends.