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The final boss is the final enemy based as "giant" have a size x2 the regular giants, and his health is more than normal giants three times, his appearance based as a statue being destroyed

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The final boss is inside the statue you destroy from the enemy side. it is twice the size of a giant and does huge amounts of damage. it usually will take at least 20 soldiers to destroy him and the first blow to your statue you should consider just giving up.


The final boss that I've nicknamed ' The Baby",is a smaller version of a dwarf that deal tiny amounts of damage along with the boaring effect. The best way to deal with him is to run away because of his voice. loose control of the dwarf and go in front of him while the the baby attack in back. don't replace killed baby and keep hitting The baby with the dwarf until he falls.winge baby.

Another way to kill it is using a spearton's spear throw to wear him down. Build up at least 12 of the spearton's and keep hitting the Destroyer with spears. The speartons will be able to take the attack of the destroyer while you control one and spear it. Archidons also help tremendously while the spearton's attack it from the front.

If you are low on troops, train a spearton to distract it while your miners stock up on gold. Spearton's are best due to their high health and spear throw ability. Their shield also reduces damage, making it useful in distracting the giant.